Announcements from the President

Barrel Aged Wee Heavy – December 2020

See below for the next club barrel aged beer project, a Wee Heavy, which will fill the 55-gallon Heaven Hills whiskey barrel for the first time.

Josh Dugger discussed with Paul Popa (head brewer at Tri-City Brewing) to help develop the recipe. I’ve included images and the files below showing the recipe (written up in BrewTarget) and a suggested water profile I developed (using Bru’n Water, Bay City water). Note that the recipe shown below is for a 5-gallon batch with batch sparging. Oxygenate well and I would suggest fermenting at 67 degrees F for about three weeks. This is a big beer, so a yeast starter may be beneficial as well.

We are planning to have a CRHC group brew-day at a location TBD the first weekend of November (exact date / time is TBD). Keep an eye out for another post with further details about the event. As a reminder, the beer should be ready during December, which is when we will be having our meeting to fill it.

If you would like to brew the Wee Heavy, please sign up using this link to a form:…

Here is some infomation for the CRHC barrel-aged Wee Heavy:

Anyone who is an active member can brew the recipe and have an opportunity for their beer to go in the barrel. The barrel can hold approximately 55 gallons of beer total. Each separate brewer is allowed approximately 5 gallons. If you would like to team up with other members to make a larger batch of beer, you are allowed approximately five gallons per person. If you would like to participate, you must share the beer for the event in December at a location TBD. In the event that members bringmore than 55 gallons of beer to the event, only the top beers will go in the barrel by a vote of all participating members. You are not guaranteed for your beer to go in the barrel – make sure you brew a good beer! After it has aged, beer will be distributed to everyone who contributed to the project. The club will retain some beer to bring to events and for other distribution. -Johnny Bavlsik

October Message

🍺🍻🍺 From the President 🍺🍻🍺

Are you ready for a contest?? I say a resounding YES! We had a great effort from all Club members choosing to brew for the MidMichigan Brew Club Challenge. Every style was represented by more than one entry. Congrats to all who brewed, there were excellent beers to choose from! I’m proud to have the membership respond the way you did. Looking forward to tasting & awards Oct. 27th, Fire Room, Lumber Barons, 3-6pm. Homebrew is welcome to share, the grill will be fired up to cook your own burger. this is a family event, feel free to bring friends too! Come out to see what Club wins the MidMichigan Brew Cup Challenge!

VP Ron has put together a Stout recipe for our first Club Barrel Aged Beer. Recipe was distributed at October’s meeting. We need min of 7-9 brewers to make this stout so that the beers can be tasted pre-barrel to judge what goes in. Don’t change anything in the recipe. If your interested in brewing for this there will be a separate post with the information or contact Larry or Ron. Time table is tentatively set for brewing at Learn to Brew Day (11-2) at Hop Craft and tasting will be at a separate meet up in December. Anticipating bottling any time from March – June depending on taste. Each Brewer will receive a portion back, the Club will keep a portion for events, and a portion will be available to Club Members for a donation to the Club. The Executive Board hopes this program becomes a consistent effort so we have a barrel aged beer available all the time.

Our next meeting is November 1st (at TriCity Brewing 7pm) – the day before National Learn to Brew Day. The Learn to Brew Day event is hosted by Hop Craft Brew Supply on Bay Road. Reasons to attend are numerous! Demonstrations for brewing and brewing better. Specials & discounts on ingredients & equipment. Lunch Truck and plenty of Homebrew to share, along with wine & mead. If that isn’t enough, the best reason to attend is the camaraderie of spending g time with like-minded people. Enough said, Be There!

Until then…. We Brew It, We Drink It, We Talk About It…


Pete Pafford

On a sad note, Cass River lost a good friend, and fellow brewer last week. John Darbee past away. You may know him from some of our activities & meetings. He was a guy with a friendly manner & bushy black beard. Please keep your thoughts & prayers with his family. We will miss him terribly.

Summer Wrap UP

🍺🍻🍺 From the President 🍺🍻🍺

What a great summer for the Cass River brewers! Members attended National, State, and numerous local events, and brewed over 200 gallons of homebrew just in the last few weeks! I am excited as ever for the last events of this year that are scheduled.

I am happy to report that we were able to enlist many new members due to attendance at our 1st annual Oktobrewfest Homebrew Festival. Teaming up with our sponsors Tri City Brewing Co. and our good friends Mike & Brandon from Hop Craft Supply Co. was a recipe for success! Larry & Lori Kula laid a foundation for a premier event for the future. On behalf of myself and all our members a heartfelt thanks goes out to them. Numerous members stepped up to fill in all the needs, and I hope you feel proud to be a large part of the Clubs success. I hope you share in my optimism for the next year. Start thinking about ideas and ways to make next years events bigger & better

We are planning to purchase a flaw kit for future education at several meetings in the new year. A Club barrel brew is in the planning stage. AND the MidMichigan Brew Club Challenge is coming up in October. Stayed tuned for updated info on these near happenings.

Other plans will include a road trip similar to our Perrin trip in the Spring. Hopefully we can find a date in Nov or early Dec. The Club plans on participating in Hop Crafts Learn to Brew Day on Nov 2nd. This is always a great time no matter how long you’ve been brewing. There is always something to learn to improve your craft.

Hop Crafts 3rd quarter contest, Lights & Lagers, are due Sept 30th. The tasting is October 6th. The 4th quarter contest id Dark Beers, due Dec 31st.

Our next Club meeting is Oct 11th, 7pm at TriCity. Until then…. We Brew It, We Drink It, We Talk About It….then we make more!


Pete Pafford President

May Message

🍺🍻🍺 From the President 🍺🍻🍺

May 4, 2019, Big Brew Day found 7 Cass River members brewing 45 gallons of homebrew! We had members brewing on everything from my pots and converted cooler mash tun to high tech RoboBrew systems. We had lots of visitors with questions too! Hop Craft Supply Company hosted the event and the weather cooperated beautifully! A great brew day was had by all!

Lumber Barons and Stables will host the next meeting on June 7th at 7pm in the Fire Room off of the Midland Street Entrance. Head Brewer Aaron Onweller will be there to answer all your brewing questions. I cant think of a better to advance your brewing IQ and sample his World Expo of Beer ‘Best in Show’ 1842 Czech Pilsner !

As I mentioned above most members were brewing a beer on Big Brew Day, and a number were brewing for Hop Craft’s Quarterly Contest. This quarter is Wheat Beers. If you didn’t brew a beer then, What are you waiting for?? Enter and join in the fun & receive feedback to make you a better brewer! Check their website for all the details.

Have a great, enjoyable Memorable Day holiday, and meet us at the Meetup if you can, and may summer weather arrive soon!

Pete Pafford 🍻

AA Special Announcement

🍺🍻🍺 From the President 🍺🍻🍺

Ray Larkin, Past President and Brewer Extraordinaire, was nominated and voted unanimously as a honorary Lifetime Member. He will be presented this honor at the May 3rd meeting at TriCity Brewery.

April Message

🍺🍻🍺 From the President 🍺🍻🍺

The final survey results are in and tabulated from the 14 surveys I received back. Along with the preliminary results last month, here are the final results which will help determine future activities for the Club.

Our Club members are brewing warriors! 8 brew 12 or more times a year and 4 or more brew at least 6+ times a year! All brew beer, 4 make wine, 5 make cider, 6 make mead. 8 members have joined in the last 2 years and the remaining 6 before that. Most have read brewing books and get their information off the internet. 6 members consider themselves as beginners and 6 feel that they are intermediate to advanced.

Education was at the top of most members list of “more of” questions. Our June meeting will be a Lumber Barons with head brewer Aaron Onweller. Please plan on attending with all your questions about brewing. Aaron started small just like all of us. Base Malts are on my education list for a focused topic at a future meeting.

Brewing Events as a Club was mentioned many times in the survey. A Big Brew Day event is planned for May 4th at Hop Craft Supply Co. Bring your system to brew that day! VP Ron & I are going to come up with a form of Wort Warrior as a contest for our Club. I plan on being there at 9am until supper time. Hop Craft usually has demonstrations of the different types and systems of brewing too. They will have more info posted and it will be shared here on our page/website too. Food will be available and bring your homebrew to share!

On April 27th there are 2 different Big Brew Day events that you could also attend. One in Warren and one at Rochester Mills. I have reserved a spot at Warren and an looking another person to brew with (1st taker). Table 120A. Larry Kula is planning on attending on going to Rochester. Contact him for details. (Links to both those hare posted here on our page – just scroll down).

Congratulations to Ron the winner of the 1 Annual Holiday Exchange Brewing Competition! The Gilded Santa will be proudly displayed at his household for the year! Thanks to Larry, John, Todd, and Traci for participating. All the beers were interesting.

I will see some of you Saturday April 13th on our Spring Brewery Trip. We are leaving form Gander Outdoors parking Lot at 9am. There are currently 4 seats open. This road trip will be our Monthly Meetup as April is pretty full. Others I hope to see at one of the April 27th Big Brew Day events – and all of you at our next meeting May 3rd at TriCity Brewing and at Hop Craft on May 4th .

Cheers 🍻

Pete Pafford

March Message

🍺🍻🍺 From the President 🍺🍻🍺

I am proud to start out this month like last month – with a new member!! Justin has participated in some Club activities before and is now a welcomed member.

Some preliminary results of the survey were clearly delivered. Topics like education was very much in the forefront; couple that with the starting date (< 1 year) of our members, and it is clear we will have more expert education at future meetings. More competitions among ourselves, other Clubs, and Local & State events was also on most members minds. Look for Wart Warrior to return with perhaps themes (style, single hops, same wort different yeast, etc). Hop Craft Supply Co has a Quarterly Competition and I highly encourage you to brew an entry for that. (Due March 30th IPA theme)

Social events is the other subject every survey seemed interested in. Monthly Meetup, Road Trips, and Festivals will be announced in the future here on Facebook and on our website.

Remember, we will be tasting beers from the Christmas party ingredient exchange at our April 5th meeting. Prizes & Opinions will be welcome. Monthly Meetup is March 24th, 3pm at Pierce Road Bar & Grill. The Survey is available in pdf form if you want to fill it out you can email it to the Club at – I will continue to followup on all the survey results.

Cheers –
Pete Pafford

2019 Survey

Feb 12, 2019 – First Announcement

I’m glad to report in my first message as President that 2 new members joined (Paul & June), and 3 additional guests joined us for the first time! We hope they will be joining the Club at the next meeting on March 1st; 7pm at TriCity Brewing. I encourage all members to attend the meetings and to keep your dues current.

At the March meeting we would like to discuss how the current board can best serve your needs as a homebrewer. During the course of the meeting, a short survey will be taken (or possibly you will get an email with the survey before hand). Based on the information gathered we will plan events, meet ups, and communications the members would most likely support.

Currently, we have 3-4 events in the planning stages – Don’t be left out! Check your schedules and bring your ideas along with your last homebrew to share!

Any questions that can’t wait? Call me, 992-2648

Cheers 🍻

Feb 11, 2019 – Suggested Trip –

Gauging the interest in a Spring Trip!

The Club would rent a 12 passenger van for this trip to Perrin Brewing Company and a few in that area on Saturday April 13th. If you are interested in going please comment or email so we can judge interest and move forward from there.
Cost would be $10 for paid members/$25 for non paid members.
Also, comment if you would consider driving the van. A generous Drivers package would include Dinner/Growler+fill at one stop/T-shirt from one stop.

Cheers- Pete Pafford